• Lip Enhancement

    With age, lips may become thin and droop downward. Lip Enhancement with injectable fillers creates volume and definition for a sensuous pout.

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  • Dermabrasion

    Renew the appearance of your visage with our non-surgical dermabrasion treatment…

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  • Chemical Peels

    Peels can range from a light refresh that enhance the colour, texture, and smoothness of your complexion, to Intermediate and Deeper Chemical Peels.

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  • Fat Grafting

    Facelift procedures aim to improve the visible signs of aging by removing excess skin and fat, while repositioning the underlying muscles and soft tissues of the face and neck.

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Other Procedures

  • Body Procedures

    Body Surgery is used to sculpt and alter the contours of the body where exercise and diet alone cannot.
  • Breast Procedures

    The right size or shape is a matter of what makes you feel confident and comfortable within yourself.
  • Facial Procedures

    The face is the first area of the body where the visible signs of aging are most noticed.