Cosmetic Nurse Practitioners

In all of the hospitals in which Mr Cadier works specialist nurses help look after his patients. In The Harbour Hospital in Poole there are two specialist cosmetic nurse – Clare Jacques and Kristin Gibbons – who work exclusively with his patients in pre-assessment, on the ward and particularly in the post operative period. Kristin Gibbons joined the team in 2011 and Clare in 2014 as a Specialist Cosmetic Nurse Practitioners. In Sarum Road Hospital in Winchester and Spires in Southampton the Senior Nursing Sisters Jo Hall and Amanda Smith care for Mr Cadier’s patients in the post-operative period.

Consultant Anaesthetist

Since 1996 Dr Aquilina has worked alongside Mr Cadier at both Sarum Road Hospital in Winchester and The Harbour Hospital in Poole providing a specialist cosmetic anaesthetic service. The importance of the anaesthetic in cosmetic surgery cannot be over emphasized, not only in being undertaken in as safe a manner as possible, but also ensuring that it is tailored to the specific needs of the patients and the procedures to optimize the operative and post-operative course. Where appropriate Dr Aquilina will be involved in the pre-operative assessment ensuring that patient is a suitable candidate for such surgery. In Spires Hospital in Southampton Drs Boswell and Chambers work exclusively with Mr Cadier’s patients.

Ward and Outpatient Teams

In both Sarum Road Hospital in Winchester and The Harbour Hospital in Poole specific nurses within the ward and out-patient setting are designated as specific to Mr Cadiers cosmetic surgery practice. They are supported by the Specialist Cosmetic Nurse Practitioners.

Personal Assistant

Nicola Haicalis works as Mr Cadier’s Personal Assistant making sure that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently and supported by appropriate secretarial and administrative staff. Nicola mostly looks after patients from The Harbour Hospital in Poole and Sarum Road Hospital in Winchester, and is supported in Southampton by his private secretary Lyn Corlass.