Facelift procedures involves tightening and repositioning of the skin and the deeper tissues in the ‘SMAS layer’. The SMAS layer is deep tissue comprising of a layer of muscle that envelopes around the lower face and neck. This two layered approach creates a more natural effect and prolongs the effectiveness of the facelift.

Facelift procedures are tailored to patients’ individual requirements. Other procedures may also be required or added to supplement these lifts (i.e. liposuction and tightening of the muscles under the chin; or possibly non-surgical skin resurfacing with a chemical peel).

We place emphasis on achieving natural results that preserve and enhance the natural contours of your face. Below are the most common facial rejuvenation procedures he undertakes:

Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) lift
Used to recontour the jawline and correct cheek sag and/or the downward slope of the corners of the mouth.

Also known as a lower third Facelift, a Necklift aims to correct the skin laxity in the neck and also recontour the jawline.

Combining elements of the MACS lift and necklift which aims to correct the ageing changes in the lower thirds of the face and neck.

Facial lipofilling and liposuction
Fat harvested from another part of the body is transferred to areas within the face (cheek folds, corners of the mouth, cheeks and temples) to help in the rejuvenation process.

In certain cases brow lifting may be recommended. This may be achieved by a variety of techniques.