Implants, usually containing silicone gel, are inserted behind the breast via small incisions situated in the crease under the breast. Breast augmentation can be performed as day surgery or alternatively with a short hospital stay. Recovery is generally short-term and within 2-3 weeks you can return to work and everyday activities.

We generally recommend that you have your goals and expectations in mind before your consultation with Mr Cadier. This will ensure you both have a thorough understanding of your desired outcome.

Breast Enlargement surgery has positively affected many women who have opted for this treatment. The aim is to produce a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance and feel to the augmented breast. A similar method can be used to recreate a breast after a mastectomy. Many women choose to undergo Breast Enlargement Surgery to:

  • Increase breast size
  • Improve breast shape and reduce sagging
  • Balance size and shape of the breasts if they are unequal